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Michael Gros
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Main focus

Asset Liability Management, Application Support & User Support, Task Analysis, Estimating, Authorization Concept, Authorization System, Business Continuity Planning, Client and Server Platform, Client/Server Architecture, COBOL, Database Administration, Data Protection, Enterprise Architecture, EXPEDITER, Finance, Business Process Analysis and Optimization, Outline Concepts, Hardware-/Software Integration, Host Maintenance, IT Security, System Analysis, LCM Life Cycle Management, Feasibility Analysis, Migration, Operational Risks, Output management, Performance Management, Manufacturing, Production Controlling, Project Management, Process Consulting, Quality Assurance, Data Processing Center Operation, Interface Definition, Security Concepts, Software Engineering, Software Architecture, Statistical Exploitation, Strategy Consulting, Strategic Planning, Software Licensing, Systems Integration, System Programming, Systems Management, System Test, Technical Product Management, Technical Writer, Test Concept Design, Test Management, Test Methods, Transition, TSO, Usability Tests, User Experience, Validation, Procedure according to Department of Security for IT, Workflow Conception and Implementation, Workshops

Methodological competencies/skills

Workflow Modelling, Needs/Demands Analysis, Database Design, Data Modelling, Decision Tables, Evaluation according the Common Criteria, Information Engineering, Information Mapping, ITIL, Configuration Management, Cost and Use-of-Potential Analysis, Six Sigma, Structured Testing, Systems Engineering

Technical competencies
Asset Liability Management, Basel II, Authorization Systems / Access Control Systems, Business Continuity Planning, CCM - Change- and Configuration Management, Change Management, Database Administration, IT Emergency Planning, EURO, Finance and Accounting, Life Cycle Management, Feasibility Studies, Migration, Manufacturing, Detailed Production Scheduling, Project Planning (Engineer-to-order processes), Security Concept, Software Agents, Software Engineering, SW Architecture, Test Concept Design, Test Management, Knowledge Management


IT competencies

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WillkommenÜber michMein ProfilInteressante Arbeits ThemenBevorzugte LinksKontaktieren Sie mich